Consultation for Dogs, Cats & Exotic animals 各類寵物及珍禽異獸診症 (包括貓狗,豬,鳥,兔,蜥蝪,變色龍,龜,龍貓,天竺鼠,倉鼠,刺蝟,飛鼠...)

Surgery, Orthopaedic & Dental Services for Small Animals and Exotics 提供內外科手術、骨科手術及牙齒護理
Comprehensive Physical Examinations, Vaccination and Deworming 全科體格檢查, 防疫注射及杜蟲

Separate Exotics, Dog, Cat Ward; Isolation Facilities 隔離病房、留院服務及急救氧氣箱,獨立珍禽異獸/ 貓/ 狗病房

In House Blood Analysis, including exotic Animals 化驗服務及驗血分析,貓犬血型測試

ECG, Doppler BP, Ultrasound and Endoscopes 心電圖、血壓測量、超聲波設備及內窺鏡相關服務

Advanced Anaesthetic Monitors, SpO2/CO2 先進麻醉觀察儀器

High frequency Computed digital radiography 高頻高解像度(HD)數碼X光機

Health certificate for animal import and export 寵物出入口健康證明

24hrs observationa at our facilities for hospitalization cases is available on request 如有需要,提供24小時專人留院看護服務

House calls now can be arranged on request 醫生出診服務